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Mini Series #3: Favorite Resources for Postpartum

Part Three in a mini series where I go through my top recommended resources for postpartum. Don’t let the abundance of resources in the world overwhelm you! Know that everything I recommend I’ve either tested myself or seen to work well in my 9+ years of work with clients.
Mini Series #3: Favorite Resources for Postpartum

Postpartum is such a significant time of change, adaptation, and bonding. It can also be a stressful, sleepless, and emotional time. I encourage you, if you're pregnant or hope to be, spend some time thinking through what you want the first 8 weeks postpartum to look like. If you're already postpartum, I would also encourage you to prioritize rest moving forward. And if you're beyond postpartum, consider how you might encourage or provide care/meals/rest for a new mom that you know. 💕

Links: some of these links are affiliate links, and at no extra cost to you, should you choose to purchase through the link, I will receive a commission. I appreciate you supporting my business this way!

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Top tip: Trust in yourself and your knowledge of your own body and your baby.

All the resources I mentioned and more are a part of a bigger list that is a live document - meaning I update it regularly! You can follow the link in the show notes or just go to resourcedoula.com/resources

Please remember that these are just suggestions and not medical advice. Thanks for listening!! I’l catch you next time.