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Making it Easier to Get Kiddos Outside with Amy Bushatz of Humans Outside

On today’s podcast I chat with Amy from the Humans Outside podcast about getting outside with kids, and some tips and tricks to make that a little simpler. Maybe you want to put on some headphones and head outside for this one.
Making it Easier to Get Kiddos Outside with Amy Bushatz of Humans Outside

Show Notes

Amy Bushatz is the host and producer of the Humans Outside podcast, a journalist and an editor specializing in coverage of Alaska outdoors and the U.S. military. When her husband, Luke, left the active-duty Army in 2016, the family moved sight-unseen to Alaska where they have built a lifestyle around daily spending time outside. Amy enjoys ultra running across her local mountains and plotting new adventures in nature.

My top takeaway from this episode was how impactful a time management strategy can be for improving your chances of spending time outside. This can allow you to be intentional about scheduling outside time and then all the benefits that come with it act as a catalyst for improving your inside life as well!

What Amy wants everyone to know: Heading outside for just 20 minutes a day really has a whole-life impact.

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